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Custom optomechanical engineering

Specialized Optics, Telescopes and Lasers

Single Point Diamond Turning

Designers and manufacturers of high-quality, high-precision optical systems for commercial, military and scientific applications.

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Rugged Electronics Racks

FAA certified in multiple sizes

Customizable with quick turnaround

WMD's lightweight, rugged electronics and instrumentation racks are stackable, can be disassembled, absorb shock and vibration, fit a variety of aircraft and can be customized.


Custom Optomechanical Engineering

Specialized Optics and Telescopes

Single Point Diamond Turning

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Popular Products

Rugged Electronics Racks

FAA certified lightweight cabinet for mounting electronics and instrumentation.


Custom Single Point Diamond Turned telescopes with extremely fast delivery

Diffraction Gratings

Convex, concave and plano diffraction gratings that exceed industry standards

Ultra-Lightweight Mirrors

Custom scan mirrors in sizes from 0.98-inch (25-mm) to 6.89-inch (175-mm) apertures.

Featured Projects

Active Beam Expander
with Positioning Gimbal

Refractive Spectrometers

High Spectral Resolution

Aircraft Support Equipment